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About Us

About Us

DECENT eNews is an Australian online educative news project and a subsidiary of Decent Group International Ltd Pty. The primary aim of the project is to create a platform for passionate and enthusiastic content writers to showcase their talents to the world. The current project addresses issues of the cost of publication, exposure and inaccessibility to the right audience as faced by content writers in less privileged societies and many parts of the globe. DECENT eNews gives the content writers full rights and privileges to the write-ups so that they can establish direct contacts and enhance personal networks and outreach. Decent Group is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd), Queensland branch (Editors Queensland), Australia.

DECENT eNews accepts educative, informative, and concise (less than 500 words) write-ups.

DECENT eNews has a high standard and will only accept the best write-ups that address relevant and contemporary issues around the world. Write-ups will be accepted in the areas of education, sports, entertainment (original poems, wordplay or short stories), business, politics, health, and technology. Upon submission, an initial article assessment will be carried out by the internal editorial staff to ascertain if the content is appropriate to publish on DECENT eNews. This assessment will include checks for plagiarism, grammatical consistencies/inconsistencies, and adherence to the company’s instructions to the writer. The assessment will also ascertain that the work is within the scope of DECENT eNews.

If accepted, the write-up will be published on DECENT eNews, with full rights and privileges to the writer. The most liked article for the month takes centre stage in DECENT eNews for 3-4 weeks, till the next ‘champion is born’. The content writer will also have the opportunity for his/her picture and a brief bio to be displayed on the DECENT eNews website as a form of showcasing them to the world.